This should be a rather brief as the concept is really quite simple.  Let’s see if I can keep it that way.  (song at the bottom)

Skip ahead in the above video to about 5:00 and watch the scene with Mr. Collins.  Do you see how the ladies simply sink down into their chairs?  And yet, sink isn’t the right word.  It’s more like they are floating down like a feather.
One of my etiquette books has once said that you should lower yourself, still erect, into a chair.
I couldn’t say it better than this: (click anywhere in the following to be redirected)

Friday Charm School – How to Sit Like a Lady Part 1

Welcome to Friday Charm School! Today’s lesson is part 1 of how to sit like a lady. We’ll look at how to sit down and get up from a chair like a lady with feminine grace and ease.1. Approach the chair holding your best posture. Turn so your back leg brushes against the chair seat.
2. Slide one foot back 2-3 inches under the chair seat.
3. Lower yourself into the seat keeping your head erect and your back straight. Most of your weight should be carried by the thigh of your back leg.
4. Ease down into the seat gracefully…don’t flop.
5. For deeper seats or upholstered chairs where you can’t slip your foot under, sit as above but on the edge of the seat. When seated, lift your weight slightly and slide back.

To rise from a sitting position, simply reverse the above steps. Lift yourself gracefully in one easy motion letting your back leg muscle do the work. Don’t push up using the chair arms.Practice makes perfect with this method of sitting down. Make your practice fun by lining up three chairs of varying heights. Put on some music and practice sitting in each chair in succession. Then do the same reversing the foot you slide back. Repeat until the motion becomes second nature.Today, notice how you sit down and get up. Try the above rules. This method will probably feel alien and strange at first. Now move a chair in front of a mirror and compare how you look when sitting down normally and how you look sitting with the rules. Is there a difference? Which do you prefer?

I think that says it perfectly, don’t you?

If you have any further tips or need me to clarify something, just comment!