Okay, as long as everybody is writing about “The Hobbit,” I feel I might as well get my share.  A lot of fans have a lot to say about the parallels to the books – I’m not even gonna go there.  I, long ago, accepted that movies can be different from the books and still be unbelievably good.  Having not read “The Hobbit” in quite a long time, I can’t remember its perfections.  So I went into that movie with an open mind as far as the plot and lines were concerned.  And I thought it was amazing.
I was disappointed that the eagles weren’t nearly as impressive as in ROTK, and some of the falls were a little… *ahem*… “What are you trying to pull?”  But that hardly put a dent in its awesomeness.  Gollum was killmenow awesome; Galadriel wasn’t nearly as creepy – I fell in love with her finally; Elrond was endearing; Bilbo was perfect; the dwarves were great.  The music – THE MUSIC!!!
Depending on who you ask, the movie changed the plot from the book to varying degrees – but you have to admit that sometimes things have to be altered to fit the big screen.  No matter what they did, if you’re a fan, you’re gonna love certain aspects of the books way more than how its done in the movies. But it just doesn’t work that way.  Narration techniques differ for the two mediums.  But I value the disappointment some fans have that certain lines or character personalities were not left unchanged.
And some fans were a little, shall we say, disturbed, by what was going on between Galadriel and Gandalf? I must say, it quite escaped my notice except as a very pleasing scene.  I loved their relationship – I don’t think they necessarily had to be “flirting,” or whatever it is y’all were thinking – just playing, as old friends do.  Now that you’ve got me thinking about it, all I can say is I expect it won’t go any further than that.
Other than that, I’m going to try to restrain myself from saying anything “controversial.”  Anyone reading this right now has probably already seen the movie and so has his own opinion.  And assuming that is so, he doesn’t want to read something that is contrary to his own opinion – he wants something that affirms his opinion of it as great, fair to middling, or meh-okay.
All I’ll say to close is I might just declare certain people as my friends so I can go see it again with someone.  ❤
And perhaps I’ll write a real review some day….