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Struggling to write a dragon novel…

If we were having coffee….  Mmm, don’t that just hit the spot, honey.

In a fantasy universe, I’d be a dragon trainer.  I’ve always loved dragons.  Great, big majestic creatures, tamable. Continue reading “Struggling to write a dragon novel…”

6 Things People With Mental Illness Might Be Scared To Admit –

My body has something weird going on.  I’m sure it’s stress and unpredictability and changing routines.  I have a number of symptoms.  My appetite, for one, is all over the place.  I have no desire to eat when I should, looking at good food doesn’t make my stomach growl, and I get hungry between meals even if I eat at least my normal amount.  I think it’s dehydration and lack of regular activity.

And that’s another thing – there just isn’t enough to do in the garden.  Every day I wake up and rain is in the forecast: 80% chance by 4 in the afternoon.  No weeds, so harvest, no expansion work to be done right now.  If we weren’t waiting to get the next paycheck before we buy anything unnecessary and expensive, I might go to the garden center and buy Hostas or ornamental grasses for the area of the front garden that I prepared for herbs (yeah, that ain’t working out).

Every day is eating, reading, watching TV, and battling an infestation of dirty dishes.

I have been drinking at least one mug of tea a day – often two.  So that’s a lot of tea.

But now, above all else, I need to focus on preparing lessons for school.  I start to teach high school in just a couple weeks so I need to figure out what I’ll be doing day to day!

Adventures in Louisiana gardening

At last, I spotted tiny tomato leaves peeping out of the tumbled earth.  I had to squat down and look with patience to see them.  Less than a week ago, I think, I looked at the weather forecast and found we were expecting a “dry spell.”  So when I went out to garden, I resolved to plant new tomato seeds.  The first set, I fear, were washed away or drowned. Continue reading “Adventures in Louisiana gardening”

Treacherous journey on the crag of disillusionment: Being 22 and Catholic

I’d like to say a little something tonight about my subtitle.  My tagline.  As I write this now, my tagline is “a journey of disillusionment” and I rather expect it to remain my subtitle for some time – though I can hardly decide whether to hope to be disillusioned.

Continue reading “Treacherous journey on the crag of disillusionment: Being 22 and Catholic”

When coffee doesn’t solve any problems

If we were having coffee….

After Mass this morning, Jared and I followed his grandparents just around the corner to visit with them.

As we sat on the plush blue couches, we got the word that police officers had been shot in Baton Rouge.  Just moments ago. Continue reading “When coffee doesn’t solve any problems”


There’s this idea going around that Americans are too afraid of offending anyone.  – That all this American political correctness nonsense is due to the fact that Americans have become too sensitive to the feelings of others to stick up for the truth.

Need I really take the time to refute that?

“In a properly structured movie, the story consists of six basic stages, which are defined by five key turning points in the plot. Not only are these turning points always the same; they always occupy the same positions in the story.”

Click on the quote to see these stages on  What do you think?

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